Inspirational Game Development Blogs for Entrepreneurs

Before I made the leap to start my own game development company I was thoroughly inspired by the writings of other developers who shared their lives on-line. Here are some of my favorite blogs that I still follow. Tread carefully, because reading too many of these will make you quit your well-paying job too!

Cliff Harris

Cliff is founder of Positech Games, a one-man operation that has done very well over the years. Cliff’s blog is very insightful for anyone trying to strike out on their own. He shares details of his finances, his work process, and the idiosyncrasies of running a game development business from your own home.

Jonathan Blow

Jonathan is most famous for his smash-hit game Braid. He’s a very inspiring and smart man, who really lives and breathes the indie gaming spirit. He believes games are a medium for exploring important life issues, just as books and films are. He also gives tons of interesting talks, and his blogs often delve into the technical details of his games. He’s working on another game now called the Witness, and the blog can be found here.

Jeff Vogel

Jeff is the founder of Spiderweb Software, which is essentially a  one-man operation that has been making hard core, niche, RPG games (such as Avernum) for a very long time. His blog posts are often revealing, and always funny. Check it out here.


Deejay is owner of Binary Tweed. He’s been involved with different gaming initiatives, such as IndieCity, he has run Indie Marketing Workshops, and is overall a very nice guy. His latest posts on Indie Advice give tons useful information on marketing, funding, social networking, branding etc.. etc..

Steve Pavlina

Steve started his own game development company many years ago. After struggling for a few years, he had some hit games and made lots of money. Along the way, he’s offered tons of advice to other developers, not just about making games, but about being more productive, networking, marketing, and just generally becoming a better person. He enjoyed giving advice so much, that he quit game development and became a self-improvement guru instead! His blog gets millions of visitors per day, and he’s a runaway success. I found his early postings very useful and inspirational, but lately he’s been getting a little crazy. However his archive is a goldmine for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Welcome to the SFG development Blog

Welcome to our humble blog! Stir Fry Games is a small game development team, with 4 games under our belt, and we are now working on our largest, most ambitious project yet. We’ll use this blog to share the lessons we’ve learned along the way, and give you some insight into the development process.

You can find out more about our team members on our website.

Thanks for reading!